"In the gap between thoughts, non-conceptual wisdom
shines constantly"  --  Milarepa
    Psychotherapy with a Buddhist practitioner
is an incredible opportunity for healing, growth
and expansion of the wisdom and compassion
inherent in our practice.  I specialize in working
with fellow meditators and anyone who wishes to explore using mindfulness as a tool for change and growth.

Often, people come to me wondering why their spiritual quest only takes them so far.  They
may have been meditating, practicing Yoga or
creating ritual in their lives for a long time,
sometimes for years.  While those practices may have profound effects on their lives, many still feel that something important is missing.  This missing "something" can manifest as lack of confidence, losing oneself in other people's wishes and needs, or as an ongoing lack of energy, inspiration and joy.

   In fifteen years of meditation practice and ten as a psychotherapist, I have found these struggles to be both common and human.  While we hope for our practice to bring us peace, joy and meaning, many of us find underlying beliefs or old wounds are holding us back.  Often, to have a more whole, rich and joyful life, we have to become aware of those underlying blocks, so we can start releasing and transforming them.

Offices in Berkeley
  and Walnut Creek
  510 229-9222
  925 932-1008
In psychotherapy, we don't simply notice what is happening inside you, but also befriend and explore your perceptions and sensations.  Together we tap into a state of mindfulness - the quiet state of mind where curiosity and exploration of what is, set the state for real change.  I help by encouraging you to find meaning and connection with those aspects of your self which are just now emerging.
My style is warm, interactive and engaged.  My goal is to always be open, present and connected to your inner self.  In our work together, you will always have the full attention of a mindful, mature and highly experienced psychotherapist and practitioner.

    Making the decision to begin psychotherapy is never easy.  I understand that while you might feel open and ready for change, you may also feel uncertain about beginning this work together.  When we first meet, I will be as available to you as I can, and will be open to hear and understand your perspective on what is holding you back in your life.  I will invite you to slow down, and show you how to tap into a deeper level of listening.  We can then start working through to a deeper, shared understanding of what is happening inside you in the moment, and decide whether it feels right to us both to form an on-going working relationship.
Warm, wise & compassionate psychotherapy
for men & women from a Buddhist perspective. Specializing in depth work, women's issues, codependency & couples on the path.